Friends Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of Elizabeth II, Inc. is:

  1. To research the history of navigation and sailing vessels of the Sixteenth Century.
  2. To construct, maintain and operate a replica of a Sixteenth Century sailing vessel.
  3. To develop the educational and cultural aspects of the vessel; interpret and disseminate that information to the public through special programs, exhibits or related activities.
  4. To disseminate information about the constructed vessel and early English settlements in America.
  5. To exhibit and display the constructed vessel at public functions and events for educational, cultural and historical purposes.
  6. To act as the non-profit arm of Roanoke Island Festival Park and to advise the Executive Director on matters pertinent to the development and operation of the site.
  7. To publish, acquire, dispose of and rent property or real estate, and any other materials and equipment to enhance its goals.


Friends Board Members & Staff

Our Board of Directors

Dwight D Gregory, Chair
William G Harrison, Vice Chair
Elaine Vann-Whitaker, Secretary
Position Vacant, Treasurer
Robert Long, At-Large
Jaye Massecar, At-Large
Thomas Paulson, At-Large
Hunt Thomas, At-Large

Our Staff Members

Carol M Anglim, Director

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